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Jul 25, 2010 11:00am EDT
electricity standard today. th pentagon looks for savings and a look at the u.s. navy's troubled fleet. >>> this week in defense news with vago muradian. >>> welcome to this week in defense news reporting from the farnborough outside london. we will lead off with an interview with the new defense secretary who is overseeing the defense review, the review known here is to be completed in october in record time so it can help shape the comprehensive spending review. these reviews are expected to yield defense cuts that will reverb rate here and abroad. you met with industry and gave them a brief on what to expect as well as your call. why is it imperative to reduce defense spending? >> you have to go back a step. we have a very large fiscal deficit in the united kingdom. unless we reduce that we will not provide room in our economy for teeth grow and strengthen. the government's priority has to be to reduce that deficit. as part of the program of doing that we have to review all departmental spending and bring it more into line with what we can afford. in some departmentst that may mean
Jul 18, 2010 11:00am EDT
, the next head of the u.s. central command has a reputation for bluntness. we'll hear his take on lessons learned in iraq. >>> congress is in the midst of summer crunch and one of the world's biggest air shows kicks off next week. northrup grumman dropped a bombshell when it said it would close its shipyard in louisiana. it owns three of the six major shipyards and builds two of the three navy's ships. newport news is one of the capable yards in the nation and able to produce aircraft carriers. we have someone who broke the story two months ago. gentlemen, welcome to the show. >> thanks. chris, let me start with you, why is northrup grumman doing this and what is the navy's reaction to the decision? when it comes to nuclear carrier construction it is a decade's long monopoly? >> that is true but they only build one carrier every five or six years. it is a guaranteed order book but volume is low. bottom line here is the bottom line. that is why northrup grumman is doing this. they're looking for more steady business. what the navy is planning to do over the next decade and 30 years
Jul 11, 2010 11:00am EDT
to make the plan succeed? >>> and the navy u.s. service fleet may be in the worst shape ever. >>> first, bob gates made it clear costs must be cut to pay for needed troops and equipment. leading firms have spent preparing for leaner years. we have one of the world's leading makers of gear is one of those working to stream line. the company restructured from seven to three divisions in january and cut work force by 3%. joining me now is dave melcher. welcome to the show. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> so ashton carter last week introduced a series of proposed reforms that he is thinking about in order to reduce costs for government and industry. you are a leading industrialist. what did he say that you liked and what did he say that concerns you? >> both secretary gates and carter have announced a set of initiatives that are prudent for this period of time. we know defense spending will not continue as it has in the past. this is the time to take these measures to try to make sure our programs are affordable and give the best val -- value to the taxpayer. >> one of the thin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3